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Potassium is one of seven inorganic, macro mineral nutrients needed in relatively high daily amounts. It is the third most prevalent element in the body after Calcium. Along with Chloride, Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium, Potassium is an essential electrolyte. These elements are called electrolytes because they carry an electrical charge when dissolved in body fluids. These elements are distributed throughout the body's fluids, including blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids, as well as intracellular fluids.

Electrolytes help regulate nerve transmission and many cell membrane functions. Magnesium helps maintain the Potassium in the cells; but even more crucial is the proper Sodium to Potassium balance. Without Potassium, cell function will be impacted. Potassium works with Sodium to regulate blood pressure, transmit nerve impulses, and maintain cellular wall permeability. Along with Magnesium, it is essential for the proper functioning of the heart muscle. In this role, Potassium acts as the catalyst stimulating cellular contraction.

The body should normally contain more Potassium than Sodium, but the standard American diet, with its reliance on fast foods, packaged convenience foods and refined salt, is too high in Sodium and Chloride and too low in Potassium. An imbalanced diet could be as simple as high protein and low vegetable and fruit intake. Research has found that a high Sodium diet with low Potassium intake tends to disrupt blood pressure. This can lead to a doctor's prescription of diuretics, which can cause even more Potassium loss, further aggravating the underlying problems. This mineral is essential in proper amounts for good health.

Potassium has many functions but most important are:

  • Regulating intracellular fluids
  • Aids in the regulation of the body's water balance
  • Facilitating nerve impulses
  • Transmission of electrical signals between nerves and cells
  • Contracting muscle tissue
  • Balancing the acid/alkaline system

Deficiency Causes:

  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Severe dehydration
  • Excessive perspiration
  • A diet low in fruits and vegetables
  • Pharmaceuticals such as diuretics, cortisone, Aspirin and laxatives

Deficiency Indicators:

  • Slow reflexes
  • Muscle weakness
  • Water retention
  • Dry skin
  • Irregular heartbeat

Food High in Potassium:
Sweet potatoes, tomato paste/puree, beet greens, potatoes, beans, yogurt, clams, prune juice, carrot juice, and bananas.

Eidon Liquid Minerals are All Natural, Highly Bioavailable and contain NO sugars, starch, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or animal by-products. Vegan and Gluten-Free. Eidon uses the finest ingredients known to us in the formulation of our unique preparations. Out of respect for all life, we do not test - nor have we ever tested - our products on animals. 

Obtaining the needed minerals via the food we eat is a chronic problem today. This is primarily due to our deficient soils and over processing and over cooking of our foods. Drinking ultra-purified water can also strip our body of these essential minerals. It is important to be aware of the fact that reverse osmosis and distilled water will actually act in reverse of what nature intended our water to do. Instead of being a mineral delivery system, the minerals are taken out of the water and this puts additional stress on the body tissue to compensate for the lack of minerals in the water. The minerals must then be taken from our healthy reserves in bone and muscle, thus leaving our system deficient and vulnerable. Replacement is essential!

Institute of Mineral Research

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  • 5
    Easy Potassium

    Posted by Max on 1st Aug 2017

    I had used Eidon's iodine and decided to try the potassium instead of my capsules... like this much better and I can tell it absorbs better and quickly.

  • 5
    Quality Ionic Minerals

    Posted by Kat on 1st Aug 2017

    I love that these are in ionic form and readily utilized by the cells and body!

  • 5
    I love this

    Posted by Ging61 on 26th Jul 2017

    I love this product...I use it constantly as my body needs much potassium.

  • 5
    Works for muscle cramps

    Posted by Boysemorsh on 26th Jul 2017

    I need to supplement with additional potassium due to specific health reasons and a lot of working out. decided to try this one, it works for my super tight groin and lower back "combo".

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    99mg Potassium supplement. Gets into your bloodstream without having to go through the liver first.

    Posted by JC_N_VA on 26th Jul 2017

    This is an easy way to get this necessary mineral (I'm a bit low, so I'm supplementing a bit). I have used many of Eidon's products, I trust them, and I have given them as gifts. I've also used (and continue to use) other's products: Mother Earth, and Good State, and Trace Minerals Research.

    I didn't understand what I do now about minerals and human health, and I am now paying the high price of acute adrenal stress (thankfully it wasn't chronic), exhaustion, and low thyroid (trust me, you don't want to go there). It led to an early retirement because I was simply exhausted. No amount of sleep has fixed it, since I retired, and I didn't know "why" until I had a hair mineral analysis done, which pinpointed the problem precisely.

    It didn't happen overnight, and I won't be able to fix it overnight, but nutrients help, and lifestyle changes help (I'm talking MINERALS that use vitamins, and create or co-factor other processes). Now I have to step up my game to fix my health or suffer what Dr. Carolyn Dean calls "Total Body Meltdown". The fact is, most of us don't come close to getting the minerals we need. I've had to do a LOT of research on this, but I want you all to know the good news: 1) you can fix this, 2) for the most part, conventional medicine is unlikely to help you fix this, because they see no relationship between nutritional deficiency and illness for the most part 3) you need nutrients (minerals), a diet that alkalizes, and time. And lastly, you CAN find the answers and the resources online (and the physicians to help you). My sincere apologies to the many brilliant physicians and medical professionals who DO get it, and are working hard for their patients. I appreciate all the information you have made available to people like me who are benefitting from it.

    This is the third Eidon product I am using (silica, Multiple Minerals). This is 99mg of Potassium. Potassium is a major mineral, and we need a LOT of it, yet multivitamin/mineral complexes seem a bit shy of giving you what I would call a "meaningful" amount. The REQUIREMENT is a whopping 3100-4700mg, depending on how you search. So this product is a "plus up" but not a huge amount. In fact, Eidon makes an electrolyte supplement with only 50mg of potassium.

    The benefit of Ionic minerals is that is doesn't have to get to your liver to get into your bloodstream (for this matter, you could put it on your skin, and it would be mostly absorbed--I take many minerals this way). The pill form of Potassium is usually large pill (the Nature Made is 550mg of Potassium Gluconate with only 90mg of Potassium). You'd have to ask a pharmacist, but I have a suspicion that there is a bit of liability here (although I also have an iron supplement with 361% of the RDA, which I cut into quarters).

    I use this supplement in filtered water (16oz). Very little taste at all. I am not noticing any difference in how I feel in the moment, but I know my body needs this mineral and I want to make sure my body has everything it needs to get and stay healthy. I want to emphasize diet and lifestyle along with the supplements--you have to have both. I am pretty unstructured, and this has been a downfall that led to a health crash--one that the physicians in the know see very clearly. I take pictures at night, and wasn't getting good sleep. Now I have to go to bed on time, mind my diet, my weight, my PH and my energy levels (I have a full life in retirement, just like everyone else out there).

    So, I advise the reader: take your health seriously, and start to understand what your body NEEDS, and how what you are putting it in can hinder where you want to be in terms of short term AND longer term health. Stress depletes nutrients from your body. MINERALS MATTER, Body PH matters. Potassium is a MAJOR mineral. You need it, you don't want to be low, but you don't want to be HIGH, either. Medicines of all kinds deplete minerals, as does smoking, alchohol, etc. Some of the damage cannot be fixed after it's occurred (heart attacks due to lack of magnesium are common, for example).

    I do recommend this supplement, but it does not have (I haven't found any) the RDA for Potassium.

  • 4

    Posted by SM on 26th Jul 2017

    No bad taste and seems to help.

  • 5
    I rubbed it into my stomach area... Amazing results followed!

    Posted by Sarah Brooks - CA on 28th Mar 2017

    Every body is unique and we strive for healing in any way we can. Let me encourage you. I had a potassium deficiency and taking this mineral internally, combined or alone was not helping me much. (I will say I have had great results with the calcium and magnesium internally. ) I knew I had to make this work as I suffer with severe allergies and these beautiful ionic minerals have no preservatives; they are my only hope. My immune and digestive system are severely compromised as I suffer from numerous conditions including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - and associated illnesses - , Tachycardia, Mast Cell Activation disorder (my body over produces histamine), severe constipation and acid reflux, gastroparesis type symptoms, muscle spasms and the list goes on and on .... so I decided to use the potassium topically.
    I mixed just one drop of potassium with one drop of water or sometimes with one drop of other premixed minerals and rubbed it into my stomach area... Amazing results followed! Brain fog , hair loss, muscle spasms, constipation, sensory processing disorder, and digestion have improved, along with my tachycardia and stamina.
    Experiment and see what these can do for you!

  • 5
    Potassium without taste...I can't believe it!

    Posted by Arby Rowling on 18th Feb 2013

    I was so pleased when the clerk in the vitamin department told me about Eidon Potassium. I take medication that causes me to loose Potassium and this is the first Potassium I have taken that does not taste awful...and it stops my cramping in my legs.