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Iodine's primary role is to support a healthy thyroid gland by activating the production of thyroxine, a hormone that is needed throughout the body for energy production. About 50 to 60 percent of the body's Iodine is stored in the thyroid gland, the Read more

Iodine's primary role is to support a healthy thyroid gland by activating the production of thyroxine, which is needed throughout the body for energy production. About 50 to 60 percent of the body's Iodine is stored in the thyroid gland.  The rest is distributed throughout the body, especially in ovaries, breast and prostate tissue, muscles, and blood. Women may require higher Iodine amounts during puberty and pregnancy.

Iodine plays an important role in many of the body's functions. It helps to support:

  • Thyroid function, which influences the adrenal glands
  • Healthy reproductive function
  • Nerve and muscle function
  • Cellular oxygen use
  • Healthy hair, skin, and bones
  • The breakdown of fats and proteins

Iodine can become depleted when one is exposed to heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum and bromide. 

Deficiency Indicators:
Cold hands and feet, fatigue, sleeping all the time, brittle hair, dry skin, increased blood fats, inability to concentrate, heavy periods, occasional bowel irregularity, hoarseness, and delayed reflexes.

About the concentrate: One drop of Eidon’s Liquid Iodine Concentrate is 75% of the US RDA. This gives you the ability to increase your dose to higher levels when necessary, and at a much more affordable price.

Food High in Iodine:
Seaweed and seafood.

Eidon Liquid Minerals are All Natural, Highly Bioavailable and contain NO sugars, starch, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or animal by-products. Vegan and Gluten-Free. Eidon uses the finest ingredients known to us in the formulation of our unique preparations. Out of respect for all life, we do not test - nor have we ever tested - our products on animals.

Obtaining the needed minerals via the food we eat is a chronic problem today. This is primarily due to our deficient soils and over processing and over cooking of our foods. Drinking ultra-purified water can also strip our body of these essential minerals. It is important to be aware of the fact that reverse osmosis and distilled water will actually act in reverse of what nature intended our water to do. Instead of being a mineral delivery system, the minerals are taken out of the water and this puts additional stress on the body tissue to compensate for the lack of minerals in the water. The minerals must then be taken from our healthy reserves in bone and muscle, thus leaving our system deficient and vulnerable. Replacement is essential!

Institute of Mineral Research

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37 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    liquid ionic iodine

    Posted by Devorah on 27th May 2021

    Very high quality - fast acting - speeded up my slow thyroid with badly needed iodine from day 1. Best product I've tried in 30 yrs.

  • 5
    Iodine Concentrate

    Posted by Gayla on 19th Apr 2021

    Your iodine concentrate is a MUST have. Low iodine level effects your thyroid hormone drastically.

  • 5

    Posted by michael on 17th Dec 2020

    Nothing better in the market

  • 5

    Posted by Alice Edwards on 11th Sep 2020


  • 5
    Fantastic! All day mental and physical stamina

    Posted by Jdemedicici on 3rd Aug 2020

    Fantastic product. Highly effective and noticeable difference in overall mental clarity and energy. I have a genetic issue with thyroid whereby my T4 does not convert to T3 at all. My physician highly recommended and encouraged me to take iodine. T3 alone was not giving me "all day mental and physical stamina," however, the combination of T3 and Eidons Iodine concentrate (literally only takes 1-2 drops daily to be effective) continues to get me through even the longest and toughest days. I also take several other products from this brand. I absolutely love all of them thus far.

  • 5
    Iodine Concentrate

    Posted by Gayla on 25th Jul 2020

    Over five years ago, my doctor prescribed a micro-nutrient blood test. This is the best, most inclusive blood test that evaluates your entire cellular-molecular structure. The results diagnosed: bacterial dysbiosis with malnutrition. In other words, my body did not metabolize proteins, carbohydrates or fats properly. I was advised that all my vitamins, minerals etc...had to be taken as nano-monatomic or liposomal forms. These deliveries are so small that they bypass the digestive tract and go straight to bloodstream. My results also showed a serious iodine deficiency. Iodine is the major mineral that feeds the thyroid and pituitary gland inside the brain. You must request an iodine test from your doctor or directly through Quest Diagnostic/Lab Corp. It is a simple urine sample and results should be maintained at least 300 for improved mental acuity. All ionic/nano liquid minerals are clear, tasteless and look like water. They are the most bio-available! Should be held directly under tongue and then swallowed. No added water needed. The brown iodine should only be used topically.

  • 5
    Best Iodine

    Posted by Annama on 6th Jul 2020

    I like this iodine because it practically does not have that typical unpleasant taste of regular brown iodine. This is clear liquid, easy to use -- 2-4 drops/day. The price is good too. One bottle will last for a year for both of us.

  • 5
    Very potent, saves money

    Posted by Sue on 29th Jun 2020

    I did not believe their claim that it was not necessary to take high doses and I took 5 drops. I have saturated with Lugols iodine and maintained for 3 years. If I take a 32mg iodine pill I get no side effects, but 4 drops of Eidon iodine gave me insomnia. I figure I must have retained 1/4mg out of the 32mg pill. I just started taking their potassium to counteract sodium and balance that mineral pair. I also sent in my hair analysis from the form on Eidon website. I intend to balance all my minerals.

  • 5
    One of my favorite nutrients!

    Posted by Anne on 25th Jun 2020

    I take a couple of milligrams of this stuff per day, and simply love it. Start with one drop in a large pint and NO MORE.