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  • Arizona Natural EDTA Chelating Agent

    Arizona Natural

    EDTA Chelation

    EDTA is an acronym for the chemical compound Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. It is most commonly produced as a salt. Two compounds of importance are disodium EDTA and calcium disodium EDTA. Both of these compounds are effective in binding up other...

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  • Flora-Balance Dietary Supplement

    Probiotic: Flora Balance

    Flora Balance is a patented strain of a transient microorganism that will establish small colonies in the gastrointestinal tract for brief periods of time. Transient microorganisms contribute to the overall functioning of the digestive system in a...

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  • Vitality Works B Complex, from Eidon Ionic Minerals. A synergistic blend of all B vitamins in a liquid bio-available formula.

    Vitality Works

    Vitamin B Complex

    Vitality Works B Complex consists of 8 distinct vitamins known collectively as vitamin B complex. This group of vitamins work in tandem to strengthen immune function and promote a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B complex is an important co-factor...

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