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Magnesium plays an essential role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the human body. All refined foods are lacking Ionic Magnesium, as well as most other essential minerals. Many Americans eat a highly refined diet and are, as a result, deficient in Read more

Magnesium plays an essential role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the human body. All refined foods are lacking Ionic Magnesium, as well as most other essential minerals. Many Americans eat a highly refined diet and are, as a result, deficient in Magnesium.

Some important functions of Magnesium are:

  • Regulates Calcium transport and deposition into bone
  • Necessary for tissue growth and development
  • Supports immune system health and function
  • A primary electrolyte along with Calcium, Potassium, Sodium and Chloride
  • Helps in the conduction of nerve impulses and the relaxation of muscle tissue

Calcium and Potassium stimulate muscle contraction - Magnesium makes muscles relax. This is very important for heart function as the body needs ample stores of Ionic Magnesium to allow for proper heart muscle relaxation.

While Magnesium deficiency is fairly common, it is frequently overlooked. The reason is that serum Magnesium levels (the test most doctors use) do not reflect actual body stores of Magnesium. Blood levels are kept within the normal range at the expense of other tissues. 

Magnesium deficiency may occur because of: 

  • Excessive loss of Magnesium through urine or sweat
  • Temporary gastrointestinal upsets, which can cause a loss of Magnesium or limit Magnesium absorption
  • A chronically low intake of Magnesium
  • Excessive stress, either physical, emotional, or environmental

Magnesium elimination is increased when using alcohol, caffeine, excessive sugar, diuretics, and birth control pills.

Supplementing with Ionic Magnesium can help to support:

  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Protein synthesis
  • The body to produce the antioxidant glutathione

Deficiency Indicators:
Confusion, disorientation, loss of appetite, nervousness, irritability, muscle contractions and cramps, tingling, numbness, headaches, and nervous twitches and tics.

Food High in Magnesium:
Almonds, spinach, chard, cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, black beans, soybeans, avocado, potatoes, brown rice, yogurt, kidney beans, bananas, figs, and dark chocolate.

Eidon Liquid Minerals are All Natural, Highly Bioavailable and contain NO sugars, starch, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or animal by-products. Vegan and Gluten-Free. Eidon uses the finest ingredients known to us in the formulation of our unique preparations. Out of respect for all life, we do not test - nor have we ever tested - our products on animals.

Obtaining the needed minerals via the food we eat is a chronic problem today. This is primarily due to our deficient soils and over processing and over cooking of our foods. Drinking ultra-purified water can also strip our body of these essential minerals. It is important to be aware of the fact that reverse osmosis and distilled water will actually act in reverse of what nature intended our water to do. Instead of being a mineral delivery system, the minerals are taken out of the water and this puts additional stress on the body tissue to compensate for the lack of minerals in the water. The minerals must then be taken from our healthy reserves in bone and muscle, thus leaving our system deficient and vulnerable. Replacement is essential!

Institute of Mineral Research

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61 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    magnesium concentrate

    Posted by Gayla on 19th Apr 2021

    I take this in addition with other forms of magnesium. It's excellent!

  • 5
    I have been using Eidon brand over 10 years. So much easier to take minerals than a capsule or hard tablet.

    Posted by Tammy Vick on 5th Apr 2021

    Easy ordering, and customer service rocks.

  • 5
    Magnesium for many health issues

    Posted by Sharon on 25th Mar 2021

    Everyone needs it, not everyone will take it! My acupuncture doctor told me about your product. My husband and I both take Eidon. It's quality in a little blue bottle.

  • 5
    Concentrated Magnesium

    Posted by Sue K on 17th Jan 2021

    Such an important mineral to keep replenishing and after taking other magnesium supplements in capsule form for many years, I can honestly say, after taking these as a trace mineral, that I probably wasted a lot of money on the capsules that did not absorb as well as they should have. I can adjust these drops as needed and would highly recommend. Customer service cannot be beat!

  • 5
    Vital mineral

    Posted by Ronald Greene on 17th Dec 2020

    While sometimes it may not taste great in water or straight, just add it to your smoothie and viola! This is a much needed mineral that the majority of people are deficient in. It greatly reduces my muscle cramps.

  • 5
    Liquid Magnesium

    Posted by Phyllis McQuaide on 20th Nov 2020

    Very effective in preventing leg cramps at night. I take two doses; one in a.m. and one before I go to bed.

  • 5
    Ionic Magnesium

    Posted by Tamara on 19th Nov 2020

    This is the first Ionic Magnesium I've tried, after trying a lot of different forms of magnesium. I noticed a gradual improvement in my sleep over about two weeks in both the quality & length of sleep; which has made a huge difference in my focus and energy during the day!

  • 5
    Energy Booster

    Posted by A. Vinson on 16th Sep 2020

    I was very tired because of my present caretaking duties. This gave me so much energy and the bonus is that it has make my skin look so healthy. It was recommended by a friend and I recommend to others.

  • 5
    Easy to use!

    Posted by Sherrie on 3rd Sep 2020

    I love this product because I can use more or less as needed. The directions state 30 drops per day. I only use 6 to 10 drops per day this is the dose that works for me. Excellent product.