The Synergy Between Minerals and Important Physiological Processes


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When working with minerals as food supplements, it is important to realize that one of them may directly or indirectly affect the functionality of the others. However, they have multiple functions. Minerals are essential for the production of antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, fatty acids, and hormones. A lack of minerals will result in a deficiency of those very substances that are crucial for our body and health.

The aim of this book is to raise awareness regarding new insights into the synergy between minerals and important physiological processes.  Many books of course have been published that describe the consequences of mineral deficiencies for people's health, and therefore those who wish to learn more about this subject can consult the available literature.  Until now, however, no book has focused entirely on how essential minerals can best be used as supplements in order to be made full use of by the body.  This important and still under-exposed topic is therefore the central theme of the present book.